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Apply Board Partnership

Have you been dreaming about studying in Canada? When you study in Canada, you will receive a globally recognized university degree or college diploma.

There are many reasons to consider completing your post-secondary studies in Canada.

The top reasons include:

  • Your qualifications will be valued around the world, including Jamaica
  • Affordable International Student Fees compared to other countries
  • Canada is a multi-cultural society
  • Canada is a land of possibilities
  • You can work and study - anywhere for up to 20 hours per week

 What is ApplyBoard and Why is Williams Immigration a Partner?

 ApplyBoard is an online tool for students to find the best university or college in Canada or the US and apply to it. ApplyBoard will match you with programs and schools that best align with your budget, location preference, program interest and current certifications and qualifications.

Williams Immigration is a partner because of the many benefits that will be offered to you!

Benefits of ApplyBoard include:

  • It is fast, easy and FREE
  • You are not required to have IELTS English exam
  • Complete the application process in less than 30 days
  • Receive matches right away when you apply through our unique Apply Board partner link
  • There are over 100 partnered universities and colleges and over 3,000 programs available for you to view and research

Contact Williams Immigration if you require more information on studying in Canada or if you require advice and assistance to complete your study permit for Canada.

Call us at 648-9541 or WhatsApp 341-VISA (8472).



Get your VISA, it’s YOUR time!

We are here to help! Consult today with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) on your Canadian immigration matter.
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Canada: 416-900-8472
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Visitor Visa

 Planning a visit to Canada to see family and friends, extend your stay or maybe explore as a tourist? Contact us. We can simplify the application process for your visitor visa.




Study Permit

Congratulations on your acceptance to a Canadian university or college! Avoid a delay in the processing of your study permit or find out if you require one. Contact us to find out more about how to obtain or extend your study permit.



Work Permit

Unsure whether you should apply for a work permit? Williams Immigration can help you to determine whether you are eligible to work in Canada. Call today to set-up a consultation.



Family Sponsorship

Call us today to discuss if you are eligible to sponsor your family member for permanent residence in Canada. Once the person becomes a Canadian Permanent Resident they will be able to visit, live, study and work in Canada!



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